Individual Direct Sessions:

Each session is tailor-made to each individual’s requirement and usually last an average of one and a half hours. Part of the session is used for the discussion and resolvement of the issues which need healing and the teaching of various techniques which the patient can use at home to re-enforce their own healing powers. The other part of the session is used for direct healing or energy balancing of the individual. Other techniques which might be employed are Autogenics, emotional release work, NLP, meditation, guided visualisation and Journey Regression therapy.

The following list indicates just a few interesting prior case histories which indicate the diverse ways in which healing has been found to be effective at my Healing Center. For a more complete list please visit Condtions That Respond To Healing. Of course please contact me if you wish to ask whether I can help you with your particualr conditon

  1. Recovery from advanced ovarian nasty growth - Case History 1
  2. Release of trapped twin  soul –clearance of split personality - Case History 2
  3. Recovery from intractable back problems following a severe injury after a fall from a great height - Case History 3
  4. Recovery from inoperable rectal nasty growth - Case History 4
  5. Control of blood pressure (Pre-eclampsia)  and other problems  in pregnancy - Case History 5
  6. Assistance with a peaceful death in a terminally ill patient - Case History 6
  7. Recovery from an inoperable benign, invasive and fast growing brain tumour - Case History 7
  8. Total personality  integration after the intra-uterine loss of multiple embryos - Case History 8
  9. Recovery from Crohn’s disease (Severe bowel disorder)  in a 15 year old - Case History 9
  10. Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease - Case History 10
  11. Recovery from severe congenital heart problems (Pulmonary artery valvular stenosis)  of a 14 year old - Case History 11
  12. Recovery from severe stroke - Case History 12
  13. Marked improvement in an illegible hand writing - Case History 13
  14. Recovery from massive and advanced ovarian nasty growth - Case History 14
  15. Improvement in the CD4 count of a person with  long term HIV infection - Case History 15
  16. Recovery from severe and long standing vertigo - Case History 16
  17. Healing of a cat with advanced liver nasty growth - Case History 17
  18. Effectiveness of healing in IVF fertility treatment in HIV/AIDS - Case History 18
  19. Effectiveness of healing in delusional paranoid schizophrenia - Case History 19
  20. Recovery from liver nasty growth and severe post-operative complications - Case History 20
  21. Healing of ulcerative colitis in a 12 year old - Case History 21
  22. Recovery from after effects of rape - Case History 22
  23. Recovery from after effects of sexual abuse of a  male child by an  adult  woman - Case History 23
  24. Recovery from highly malignant brain tumour - Case History 24
  25. Recovery from crippling acute disc problems of the lower back - Case History 25
  26. Curing of infertility - Case History 26
  27. Healing of a child of 5 with cerebral palsy and severe asthma - Case History 27
  28. Healing of eczema and  Marked improvement in educational ability - Case History 28