Case History 24 - Recovery from highly  malignant brain tumour

I was surprised to receive a phone call from Spain from robin at the end of July 06 as I had lost touch with him since the year 2000. When I had last seen him in 1999, he was a 38 year old delightful man, happily married with a couple of young children. The previous year he had been in the process of selling up his home and business and emigrating to Spain when he was greeted with the devastating news that he had a highly malignant brain tumour called Astrocytoma with a very poor prognosis normally. By the time he saw me, he had already had a full course of radiotherapy which had reduced the size of the tumour slightly but had not been fully effective. He had then started on a long course of chemotherapy which was not also being very effective which again is common in this condition.

By the time I saw him at the beginning of 1999, he was half way through the course and was suffering some unpleasant side effects. He had about ten weekly sessions of healing as well as learning a simple self-healing meditation which I normally teach to all my clients. He mastered the technique very quickly and we were able to work with intensive visualisation in additional to his conventional healing sessions. He was thus able to co

ntrol the side-effects of the chemotherapy for the rest of the duration of the course as well as visualising the tumour totally gone in a way which was unique to himself. Astonishingly the scan at the end of 3 months showed that the tumour had disappeared completely!

As the consultant had asked him to refrain from undertaking the trip to Spain for at least a year, he had postponed all his plans. However, 3 monthly check-ups and scans revealed that he continued to remain symptom and tumour free and apparently at the end of 2000 he had emigrated to Spain where he has been working and keeping well. He has continued to have six monthly check-ups and scans at the royal London Hospital and has continued to be in total remission and tumour free. Provided he continues the same, he will be deemed totally cured of his malignant  disease.

In my long experience I have found that apart from all its remarkable benefits including relaxation and dealing with the underlying condition or disease, healing often powerfully enhances the effects of conventional therapy when it might have been ineffective up to the point when healing was undertaken. Incidentally, the reason why Robin had contacted me again, was to ask me to help a close friend of his who was also suffering  from exactly the same malignant disease!



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