Case History 7 - A, Recovery from moderately advanced breast nasty growth

I met Caroline at an international conference at which I was running some of my personal development and healing workshops in 1997. She was a 42-year-old teacher from Germany who had just discovered a large lump in her left breast while she was having a shower at the conference. She was obviously in a terrible state of emotional distress, especially as the hard lump definitely felt malignant.

I gave her a session of individual healing in order to try and calm her down until she returned to Germany at the end of the conference for examination and treatment by the local specialists.

Her worst fears were confirmed after the biopsy when the lump was found to be highly malignant which had spread to the lymph glands. She was advised to have pre-operative radiotherapy, then followed by a year of chemotherapy after her surgery. Having been a perfectly fit individual up to this time and only into healthy and alternative therapies, she was terrified of the prospect of the toxic treatments that were proposed especially the possible side effects. She decided to supplement her conventional treatment with homeopathy, self-healing through Autogenic Training(Link to Autogenic book in Books)  and distant healing from me.  On my advice, when she started her radiotherapy, she visualised the rays as health enhancing healing light energies akin to what she was visualising in her healing light meditation, rather than the toxic rays that they might have been. Throughout the period of radiotherapy, she imagined the X-rays to be an extension of the white light of the Rainbow visualisation.  She extended the same principle to the chemicals that she was having intravenously for her chemotherapy. Additionally, she would also have a clear, rose quartz crystals and black obsidian over her second chakra (energy centre situated about an inch below the navel), especially over the sacrum (Lowest part of the back). I have found over the years that by concentrating healing energy especially combined with the aforementioned crystals to the second chakra both to the front but mainly the back, it virtually eliminates the side effects of chemo and radiotherapy, and even if they occur, they will only be minimal.

Throughout the year’s treatment I continued to send her distant healing. We communicated with the email and telephone if it felt appropriate.  Any time that Caroline felt that she required an additional amount of healing I would do it via the telephone. The other novel way in which I augmented her healing was by energising a sheet of paper with her name on it by holding it in my hands for a few minutes and concentrating on her. I would then fax or post the energised   sheet of paper to her, whereupon she would place it over the operated or damaged areas and would then feel the intense heat of healing energy emanating from the energised sheet of paper.

Throughout the year of treatment, the only side effect that she suffered from time to time was some degree of tiredness for a couple of days after her intravenous chemotherapy. Following the surgical removal of the lump and the affected glands, radio and chemotherapy and healing and homeopathy, she was found to be clear of any signs of the disease and seven years on in late 2004, she is still in remission and feeling fantastically well and continuing with her Autogenics, healing visualisation and self healing together with all life enhancing changes which she had undertaken.



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