Case History 9 - Healing of a deeply unconscious teenager

LP is a 15 year old lad who lives in Canada. His mother’s car was involved in an extremely serious accident when a lorry hit the passenger side where LP was sitting at high speed having jumped a red light. The mother ended up with a broken ankle and shoulder. However, the son was extremely seriously ill and deeply unconscious and totally non-responsive. Additionally, his right lung was completely crushed and full of blood and his left lung had collapsed and was full of air between the lung and the rib cage.

He was obviously connected with all sorts of life saving machinery and had his brain and other organs scanned repeatedly. Thank God that a mutual friend contacted me 3-4 days into his accident and I started working with him at a very deep level repeatedly on a daily basis. Intuitively I knew that he was going to do well despite the very negative and depressing prognosis of the hospital physicians. A few days after working with him, I got a message through the Divine that he was going to come out of his unconscious state reasonably soon and fully recover. I passed this and other reassuring messages of support to his extremely distressed mother. The day after my reassuring email to her, the scan apparently showed a deterioration in his brain scan and the consultants informed the mother that LP would probably remain deeply unconscious for a long time and were dubious as to whether he’ll ever regain consciousness. This was the day after I passed on the reassuring message to the mother.

Undeterred, I continued to work deeply on LP on all his organs especially brain and other seriously damaged ones especially the lungs and additionally told her to play him his favourite music and how to talk to him to encourage him to come round as well as grounding him regularly so that his spirit would not float off. I also asked her to play my special empowering CD which is widely available, to him regularly through headphones.

Despite the extremely poor prognosis, a couple of days later and much to the amazement of everyone especially the hospital staff, he started opening his eyes initially very slowly and partially. Also when they played him his favourite music, he started making movements with his left hand as if he was actually playing the drum!! I did not know at the time that he was an extremely talented musician who played many instruments beautifully including the drums and that also he was a beautiful singer!

At this stage it seemed that the right side of his body which is his dominant side was actually paralysed as well which was not realise initially. I continued working with him and giving the mother advice including as to what to do with his paralysed side including massage so that at a deep level he could connect his brain, mind and body together.

He continued to amaze everyone in that within a week or ten days he was fully conscious. But it was then realised he could not make any sounds at all which was very distressing to the mother but especially to the lad having been a great singer despite his relatively young age.

I explained to the mother that probably the main nerve that supplies the diaphragm which is responsible for breathing and the voice box had probably been severely traumatised by the serious damage to the lungs as it goes through chest in between the lungs. Again I reassured the mother that his voice would come back and instructed her on a few breathing and other exercises that he could do. At this point I definitely knew that all would be well as when I tuned into him deeply one evening during one of my many daily healing sessions with him and other patients I had a vivid image of him smiling at me with a thumbs up sign. I passed this message to the mother which she found very reassuring.

About a week later as expected by me, he started making noises while he was entertaining his visitors with his facial expressions and hand movement so that everyone knew what he meant and wanted.

He was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital and started having intensive physio and speech therapy and the movements and strength on his right side also started coming back and 5 weeks on from the very serious accident the only abnormality left is just a bit of weakness in his right arm which is improving daily and fantastically, he has started singing again and sounding as beautiful as before and the first time that he did that, brought tears to everyone around him.

Despite initially horrendously negative prognostication he has made a remarkable, speedy and miraculous recovery according to his mother with the help of therapists in the hospital as well as the Divine universal energy and Christ’s ultimate healing powers which I was lucky enough to be able to direct towards him as well as use my skills and experiences of a medical doctor of many years to help him and his mother on their way to a full recovery. Hopefully and assuredly, he’ll use this experience and the wisdom that he has gained from it as well as his empowerment with healing, be able to incorporate the healing energy in his music in the future and thus help to heal and empower others on their own journey from darkness to light. I have also been working with the mother’s fractures and she is also well on the mend now. Additionally I have guided her in a number of ways to deal with her various distressing emotions, release them and also use this experience for help and betterment of others.



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