Case History 12 - Recovery from severe stroke

Doreen was in her late fifties and had been a great psychic and healer for  nearly forty years and a good friend for some of that time. I was therefore totally shocked and upset one morning when her agitated husband told me on the phone that she had had a severe stroke which had paralysed her left side. She refused to go into hospital as she preferred to be looked after at home. He wondered whether I would mind seeing her just in case I was able to help.

I attended to her with healing every day during the first week, especially since her mind was totally befuddled and she was totally unable to do any of her own self-healing or meditations. The fortunate thing was that her speech had been unaffected and she could articulate her concerns though in a very hesitant way. Her main worry and fear was that she will never again be able to do her beloved psychic and healing work  which had been the things that had sustained her throughout her life.

It transpired during the conversations that despite the outward appearances, there was an enormous amount of tension between her and her husband and that the marriage was on the point of break up; something that had distressed her greatly especially since she had not been able to share that fact with anyone else up to this time.

The daily healing sessions helped her enormously especially emotionally and psychologically. She also started regaining some of the functions of her left side with clearing of her mind. I continued with the healing twice a week for the next three weeks and during this time her mobility returned to almost total normality although she still had to use a stick as she still did not have sufficient confidence in the returning functions of the limbs.

By the end of six weeks from the onset of her stroke she returned to normal physical functions and discarded her stick. However, the one very interesting thing was the fact that although she had always had a number of spirit guides, they had all withdrawn during this time and she seemed to be in a  spiritual and psychic void as she put it.

Despite seeing a marriage guidance counsellor after her recovery, the marriage could not be salvaged and they eventually separated on amicable terms and continue to remain good friends, though living apart. About nine months after her stroke and three months after her separation from her husband, the spirit guides returned once more,  and she was able to re-start her psychic and healing work.  Interestingly apart from one of the guides, the rest were apparently totally new and Doreen felt that she had  entered a new and much more profound period of her life as far as the spiritual work was concerned.

That all happened over 12 years ago and she has continued to enjoy good health and continue doing some wonderful psychic, healing and spiritual work.



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