Case History 17 - Healing of a cat with advanced liver nasty growth

I have included this case because most people are unaware how powerfully effective healing is in all animals especially cats, dogs and horses. In some ways it seems to be much more quickly effective in animals as unlike humans there is no skepticism, pre-conceived ideas or conscious/unconscious of blocking which can leave the healing much less effective in humans.

My lovely massive male cat Pepi had always been totally healthy and never ill  since I had had him as a very young  kitten. That’s why I was particularly alarmed when at the age of 15 he suddenly lost his appetite even for his favorite treats and started loosing weight very rapidly. After 2-3 weeks, I took him to the vet; a visit which he did not particularly enjoy as he had never been to the vet’s surgery before!

He was fully examined and had lots of blood taken for various tests as well as a scan. The vet gave him an injection of antibiotics and something else to try and stimulate his appetite. He gave him the antibiotic just in case there was a latent infection although he could not obviously see any source for it. I was due to return a week later for the results.

In the meanwhile, unfortunately there was no improvement in Pepi’s condition; in fact he was deteriorating quite fast in so far as he was also becoming lethargic and wanting to sleep all the time with total loss of appetite.

On return to the vets a week later, I was given the very bad news that he had advanced liver nasty growth and he was so ill by now, he advised that the best gave was that  the best  thing was to put him to sleep. I did not like that idea very much and suggested that I treat him with intensive healing for a while and if obviously he did not improve, I would take him back.

I started giving him intensive healing of roughly 10-20 minutes 3-4 times a day. Apart from the general healing, I concentrated especially on his liver region now that I knew where the source of his problem was. The fascinating thing was that once he had had enough of the healing energy, he would just walk off and go and lie down somewhere else away from me!

After a few days his appetite started coming back and I started feeding him on freshly home  cooked chicken and fish. After 2-3 weeks’ of regular daily healing, he started eating voraciously and putting his weight back on.

After a month or two I started reducing the frequency of his healing to about twice a day during which his behavior pattern had return to complete normality and despite his old age, he started playing like a kitten once more although at times he realized that he was not quite as agile as he had been, although he still managed to climb high fences and get on top of rooves without any obvious problems.




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