Case History 19 - Effectiveness of healing in delusional paranoid schizophrenia

Kabi is a 33 year old Spanish girl who speaks no English and lives in Spain. She had a nervous breakdown in her early twenties following the break up of a long term relationship with her boyfriend. Over the ensuing years she got progressively worse and developed severe delusional paranoid schizophrenia associated with total withdrawal from her friends and family. She also became very aggressive and at times violent especially to  strangers outside her own living space. She could not hold any form of sensible conversation with her family although she continuously talked out loudly with imaginary non-existent people; at times in a very angry and aggressive way following which she would throw objects at them which would hit anyone who happened to be close at hand. Despite her very severe condition she would not respond to the maximal anti-psychotic drugs. In desperation, her mother decided to bring her to London to see me, having heard all about my successes with other Spaniards especially in the field of nasty growth.  This was  despite all the hazards that that would entail by taking her into airports and plane as she was quite likely to be very violent to people especially in situations which involved the presence of a  lot of people. 

During the week of intensive healing, each session of which would last at least for 2 hours, her brother who spoke fluent  English translated the proceedings. Initially Kabi made absolutely no sense as she was constantly talking irrationally with non-existent people and at times wanted to pick things up and throw them at her imaginary adversaries; her violent action being controlled by her brother. All her medical history was given by her mother translated by the brother.

During the initial two sessions it became quite apparent that she was totally ungrounded as is common in schizophrenics and other psychotic people as a consequence of which their spirit seems to float about the two worlds and consequently has no appreciation of the earthly reality as most of us perceive it. It also became apparent that she had several negative entities attached to her. Some of these were small which I managed to remove. But one was very large and at the time I was not experienced enough to be able to get rid of it and unfortunately the friend of mine who normally did that sort of work was away and consequently could not help. I also became aware through the healing as well as the comments that the mother made  that  their house in Spain also contained some negative energies which needed clearing.

Despite the fact Kabi was totally unable to understand or follow any instructions which I was giving her, I was guided in the third session to do a regression on her.

I tried this during our fourth day session and following a very light autogenic relaxation (Link to Autogenics in Books), she spontaneously went back into her early childhood and it became apparent that she had been sexually abused by a teacher at school. She then spontaneously went into a very powerful past life experience, in which she had been a prisoner in the Nazi concentration camp. She had apparently been confined to the section in which they carried out medical experiment on them without anaesthetic. She gave a most graphic and disturbing and detailed  description  of what had happened including the screams of pain. She enacted the whole process including finally being shot!

What she described was fascinating as it related to a lot of conversations which she had been having with the imaginary people as witnessed by her mother and brother.

By the end of the week’s healing and following her regression and clearing of some of the negative entities, she was at least fifty percent better as a  for the first time in years  she started having normal conversation which her family could fully understand, although she would slip into her delusional state at times.

As Kabi was still unable to fully comprehend the concept of grounding, meditation etc, I taught the mother to do it by proxy  for her on the daily basis. With instructions how to try and clear the house of negative energies. Additionally,  they should find someone in  Spain near where they lived to both exorcise her negative entity as well as what was in the house. In the meanwhile I continued sending the whole family especially Kabi regular distant healing.

Within 3-4 months they found a priest who cleared Kabi of her negative entity as well as clearing the house and within six months she had virtually returned to normal and as her mother said, it was as if her daughter had been woken up from a nasty nightmare and that she had her daughter back again.

They came over again for a weekend of healing in March 06 when I found Kabi totally normal although she still got an occasional anxiety attack and was taking a tiny amount of medication which was apparently going to be discontinued by her psychiatrist in Spain a few weeks later.

By this time she was totally grounded and her energy levels were completely normal. I taught her some simple meditations to do to try and help her overcome her  mild  anxiety  especially around meeting strangers and socialising,  although by the end of the weekend’s healing she had none left.

This was a very challenging and difficult though extremely rewarding following the end result. However, I advise against anyone else taking this sort of case on unless they are extremely well experienced in both conventional and alternative therapies as well as healing  so that they would be able to deal with any possible  unexpected and untoward effects while the healing process was proceeding.



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