Case History 4 - Recovery from inoperable rectal nasty growth.

Phillipa was a 29 year old lady, happily married and delighted at the prospect of being pregnant with her first child. However, unfortunately her blood pressure started rising from the twelfth week and rapidly rose to dangerous levels. The level was in fact so high that there was a strong concern that she was developing toxaemia of pregnancy which could be very serious even fatal both to her own and that of the baby. Consequently  she was strongly advised by her obstetrician to start on strong blood pressure lowering tablets. Phillipa was terrified that the tablets would damage her young baby. That’s when she came to see me for help. She was extremely distressed and anxious which certainly did not help her level of blood pressure.

By the fourth session her blood pressure had gone down considerably although it was still considered to be dangerously high. During this session while I had my eyes closed as I usually do, I suddenly saw a mass of small angels floating about the room. They were about a foot tall and were different colours; some were pink; some blue ; some gold and some white. One of the blue ones came and stood over the uterus region and seemed to be playing with the young baby in some very subtle way through the abdominal and uterine walls. Soon after that I got a communication through a mental link from the baby telling me that he wanted his mother to start on the tablets and that he was going to be fine!

At the end of the healing I passed this message on to Phillipa which delighted her. She did go on the tablets at her next hospital visit, although she still continued with her healing throughout her pregnancy. The combination of healing, her medication and conventional treatment brought her blood pressure down to normal levels. She remained perfectly healthy  throughout her pregnancy and delivered a healthy and happy eight pound baby boy.

Two years later she got pregnant once more and started coming to see me as soon as she realised that she was pregnant. Unlike the previous time, her blood pressure remained totally normal and as she was doing so well, I only saw her once a month until the delivery of her healthy daughter.



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