Case History 1 - A Distant healing in septicaemia and  toxic shock syndrome after birth (Severe blood poisoning after birth)

In the summer of 05 I had an urgent email from a pen friend of mine in Oregon USA. She told me that a great friend of hers had given birth to a healthy baby boy 2 weeks previously and everything seemed to be going on alright. However, she had suddenly become very ill with high temperature and severe bleeding from her vagina. She was rushed into the hospital where her condition deteriorated very rapidly  and she went into a coma. The doctors diagnosed a post-partum septicaemia and toxic shock syndrome. This is a rare condition which unfortunately occurs about 10-14 days after delivery when the site of the placenta in the womb gets infected as a result of which it causes severe blood poisoning.

As the hours went by, her condition continued to worsen as her blood stopped clotting because of the severe infection and her liver and kidneys started failing. But unfortunately  they could not start dialysis because of her severe bleeding and lack of clotting. The doctors looking after Holly thought that it was a hopeless case as there was nothing that they could offer. Consequently a priest was called in to give her the last rights.

It was at this  time that my friend had asked me to send her distant healing. She had also asked some other healer friends of hers to do the same and her husband had asked their church to pray for her which they did on a regular basis. I sent her repeated daily distant healing

I had an email from my friend a week later saying that miraculously Holly had come out of coma and was beginning to improve ; something which totally astonished the doctors.

Within another 2 weeks she made a total recovery and went home to her lovely little baby and her husband and the rest of her grateful family.

A year on, she continues to be totally well without any evident after effects of her severe and near fatal illness.



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