Case History 3 - A. Clearing of severe throat pain and loss of voice

One of my ex-receptionists was Cathy who is a 56 year old who herself is involved with spiritual development and healing, although regrettably she does not use her gifts that often. I bumped into her one day on the High Road, and she complained that she had had a severe throat pain for almost two years.  The pain was really severe now and she was beginning to loose her voice.  She had seen several specialists, none of whom had been able to find a cause for her problems and consequently they had not offered any treatment except for progressively stronger painkillers none of which really worked anyway. She asked me to send her some distant healing, as she could not come and see me due to some logistical problems.

Two or three days after tuning into her, I had this vision of her throat being cut from side to side with a sharp knife in a past life. In my mind’s eye, I cleaned the blood and the mess and stitched up the wound and then followed it with healing.  I continued to send that image as well as her throat in this life healing for a few days, following which I rang her to see how she was?  She was astonished that her symptoms had suddenly and completely cleared. When I told her about the image that I had seen, she exclaimed in amazement that it made absolute sense. She had always had a severe phobia about knives!  Her phobia was so bad, that she never even had or touched any large kitchen knives.  Following this episode, her fear of knives had also cleared!



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